Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's only doubled nominally

Okay, so as a slight disclaimer, I split this burger four ways. It wasn't that I couldn't finish it, but it was more because there was also a large deep dish pizza and an order of pot roast sitting on the table at the time, which we decided we would like to split (between four of us). That being said, the main reason I wanted to go to BJ's Brewery was more for the pizookie than a new burger review (though I did want to do a new burger review).

However, only having a quarter of the burger was sufficient for me to get a good idea of the burger. The onion straws were good, the bacon was a good touch. The patties were well cooked, but I did notice a major disparity between the first and second patties, not necessarily in quality but in size, the second was significantly smaller. They supposedly had a special brewhouse sauce on the burger, but the flavor from the onion straws kind of over powered it.

They have wedge fries, which are always a plus, which are essentially jo-jos, which are a plus. Jo-jos are always a plus.

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