Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is it a burger, is it a sandwich?

Reuben Burger by jaceman4
Reuben Burger, a photo by jaceman4 on Flickr.
I do get good burgers at work, that I have to say. The special for the day was a Reuben burger which to me is intriguing because it's sort of up to interpretation in regards to what exactly would be a Reuben burger. Is it a burger with a Reuben sandwich on top? While generally everyone agrees that you need to have saurkraut and Russian dressing and Swiss cheese, do you include the pastrami/corned beef or do you just use some kind of seasoned ground beef patty? Do you use grilled rye bread or a standard bun? Well, my place opted to go with the former on the first and the latter on the second.

It was a good burger, Bob, the expert burger maker in the cafeteria does a great job of making sure my burger is done just right somehow by just poking it. I don't know the secret either. Maybe he has a magic finger thermometer. All in all it was a good burger, though the cheeses and sauces my work cafeteria use are of a more mild flavor in general. The fixings are always fresh, the saurkraut good but also a little on the mild side for my tastes. Overall it's what I've come to expect from the place, good, high quality burgers without a lot of fuss or frills.

The fact they have freshly fried steak fries does make for a good side as well. If you ever do visit while I am working, I will make sure you can try one.

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