Sunday, March 4, 2012

Aged to... well relative tastiness

Okay, I know, I went to Uno's and I decided to get another burger, but this time, I did decide to get the one with the fancy name. Part of me is generally convinced that my previous poor Uno's burger experience generally had more to do with the Uno's (namely the kitchen preparing it) than necessarily Uno's food itself. I was only partially wrong about that. Partially. Which is to say that this second burger was better, not really to the extent that I thought it was worthwhile, but better. I know, it's not saying much.

Typically, the mushroom-cheese pairing on these kind of burgers has been portabella and Swiss, but I guess they opted to either go cheap or go American, or both, and go with normal button mushrooms and Cheddar (albeit Cabot aged cheddar, which honestly doesn't say much to me except "fancy"). At first I thought that it, like my previous burger experience would be lacking in the condiment department so I got A1 to put on it, but I did find, to my surprise, they had a pleasant, tangy house sauce (not dissimilar to McDonald's Big Mac Thousand Island) underneath the patty. The beef was cooked fairly well, the mushrooms added a little juiciness from the sauteing and the cheese tasted like, well normal cheese. Honestly, I couldn't tell a huge difference made by the Cabot aging, but maybe that just means I'm not a cheese connoisseur.

The fries were again typical, bulk-order, frozen, restaurant-style fries, which were not overdone, so that was good. Again, this isn't something I'd recommend you going out of your way to get, but if you happen to be at an Uno's craving a burger, this probably would be one of the better choices.