Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good ol' home cookin'

BBQ Burger by jaceman4
BBQ Burger, a photo by jaceman4 on Flickr.
Well, I can't say I expected too much, I mean, Burney Bros BBQ makes a point to be a BBQ place, but I figure their burger can't be all that bad. I mean, it's another piece of grilled meat right? In retrospect, it may not have been the wisest decision, but I had neglected my readers long enough. I made my homage to the BBQ sign in downtown Lake Forest Park by getting the BBQ burger, which was actually surprisingly good. Had I decided to check-in before I ordered, I would probably have noted that the two other establishments in the food court had check-in deals and you wouldn't have this review.

The meat was juicy, very, very juicy. It's topped off with a grilled BBQ sauce and the guy gives you a dipping BBQ sauce on the side. I opted for the spicy sauce, which was good, but once you dipped it, it kind of was all you could taste. It wasn't bad, but not super ideal for a burger. Lettuce and tomato were the iceberg and slice affair, nothing fancy. If you want, they have condiment packets. The bun was your typical sesame affair, did a good job holding up, amazing what difference a well toasted bun makes.

The fries were your typical bulk order frozen fries. Since there didn't appear to be space for a food warmer in the back, they have to fry them fresh, which is a plus. Crispy, lightly salted, all-in-all what you expect from the typical burger side.

I have to say that I wouldn't go out of my way to go to this place, but it's not bad, and I think it's one of the two places in downtown Lake Forest Park you can get a burger, the other likely being Lake Forest Grill, which seems like a more sit-down establishment. If I come back, I'd probably opt for the brisket sandwich or something, but if you're craving a burger, this isn't a bad option.