Sunday, August 28, 2011

A rush of stuff, not quite a touchdown

The Blitz by jaceman4
The Blitz, a photo by jaceman4 on Flickr.
Maybe a field goal? I've been to Mike's Cafe once before for brunch and wasn't overly impressed with the spread, but it's pretty close to the church I attended in Palo Alto and so I figured it'd be worth a shot, that and it was convenient as I was visiting. I came with a friend with the intention of getting brunch, but since I've had a number of eggs benedicts recently and not quite so many burgers (I apologize to my neglected reading audience).

The Blitz I suppose is fairly aptly named. It's on a 1/2 lb patty, which was pretty good, nothing spectacularly done about it. On top was some generic cheddar, two strips of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and two hefty onion rings. I imagine the onion rings would've been good separately, but they didn't go too well with the burger as neither the batter nor the onions were very strong. BBQ sauce was nice and sweet and tangy, but did taste like fairly generic out-of-the-bottle BBQ sauce, I added a couple of dabs of jalapeno Tabasco for good measure. The bun was a bun, a fairly normal sesame affair.

The fries were also pretty typical, seemed kind of like a frozen variety of McDonald's knockoff. Not as oily, not as salty, you need to season it a little yourself for some flavor. Overall, it's not bad, if you're in the neighborhood and you're hungry it's not a bad place to stop by.