Monday, January 17, 2011

I think this is where it all came from...

Frikadelle Burger
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Hamburger... German town called Hamburg? Okay, I don't specifically mean necessarily this particular restaurant, but I do mean burgers and Germany, and if I were more snobbish, I'd go into the whole history of the hamburger, which honestly I could care less about. I'm sure the history of the burger is very meaningful, but the taste of it is what's important to me. So my friends and I went to Bratz in U-District, partially because I knew my friend was craving a German pretzel (which he didn't end up getting) and also partially because it was close. I will admit that it is entirely possible (likely) I spelled it (the burger name) wrong.

The burger was something very simple, the patty had a nice char to it, but wasn't over-cooked, so it still retained that full meaty flavor. The bun was closer to a roll than a bun, which meant that it didn't hold the burger exceptionally well, and the fixings were your typical backyard BBQ variety of iceberg lettuce and sliced tomatoes. They had this interesting tangy BBQ type sauce (probably the stuff they use on their bratwurst) which was really good, but kind of covered up by the flavor of the char, I would've preferred it stronger.

The fries were a nice seasoned affair, and as I told my friends, I give them props for the fancy basket. Not a bad place to go overall, definitely somewhere I'd go again, maybe not for burgers though.

Rating of the Burger:
Meat: B+
Bun: C
Fixings: B-
Condiments: B-
Sides: B+
Price: $8-$10
Overall Rating: B-
Recommended Burger: Frikadelle Burger