Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fly me to the...

I was trying to find a witty way to utilize the popular song title in this post.  I had originally shied away from this place simply because it was always so crowded during lunch.  Finally, my break ended up being well after the normal lunch hour, I got to go.  This place I'm talking about is Blue Moon Burgers in the South Lake Union area of Seattle.  I was a little hesitant also because my friend had told me it wasn't really worth it, but hey, for the sake of posterity, I should be thorough right?

Doppelganger Burger

So that was the burger I got.  It was called the Doppelganger Burger, and it's pretty hard for me to describe so I took a picture of the sign describing it:

What is a Doppelganger Burger?

Yeah, that's a lot of stuff.  So the Bratwurst was an interesting touch, it made it kind of like a breakfast sandwich kind of feel, but it didn't mix well with the burger.  The beef was well, if you haven't heard of it Thundering Hooves grass-fed beef seems to be a new fad, it's pretty good, very beefy.  The homemade sweet red cabbage with fresh Washington apples was actually closer to something of a jam or sauce than anything else, it was sweet, though honestly, it kind of tasted like canned cranberry sauce you get for Thanksgiving.  Didn't taste the mustard, mayo, or sauerkraut.  Bun, well, was a bun, did the job a bun is to do.  Overall, while I like each individual component of the burger, I can't say that I was a fan of the end-product.

The sides you order separately, so I got waffle-fries, which to my opinion were sliced a little thin and overfried, making them more like soft potato chips than fries.  I'm not saying that the food here is horrible, but I frankly think it's a little overvalued in terms of what you're paying.  If you have no where else to go, it's not horrible, but definitely I wouldn't go out of my way to come here.

Rating of the Burger:
Meat: A
Bun: B-
Fixings: C
Condiments: C-
Sides: C
Price: $5.25-$10
Overall Rating: C
Recommended Burger: The Burger