Monday, August 23, 2010

More royalty in the burger industry

Teriyaki Burger
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Alrighty, haven't had a burger in a while. A lot of people were telling me that Orange King had reinvented its burgers, so I had to go give it a go. I remember this place as being somewhere where they give you a decent burger for pretty cheap, it was like an Asian version of Dick's almost. Anyways, with their advertising of a 1/3 lb angus patty I decided to give this place a go.

1/3 lb to me nowadays isn't really that big, but the burger in and of itself was pretty good. The meat was well done. The bun was run-of-the-mill, and didn't seem too well toasted, so it does soak up a bit of liquid from the burger and fixings. In terms of fixings, it was simple, lettuce and tomatoes, though, neither were extraordinarily fresh. There were no condiments per se, but I got the teriyaki burger, so the patty was marinated in their house teriyaki sauce, which was good. It's not overly sweet or saucy, it was a light glazed coating over the burger. Not so much that it got things messy, but enough that you could taste it in every bite. Good stuff.

Fries are probably some sort of bulk, frozen affair, but they are generous with it. All-in-all, it's okay, it is more expensive now than I recall, so if you're around and looking for a bite, it's a safe bet. You won't walk away wanting to go back the next day (or meal) but it's not somewhere you'd vow to never return to again.

Rating of the Burger:
Meat: B
Bun: C-
Fixings: C
Condiments: A
Sides: B-
Price: $3.50-$9.00
Overall Rating: C+
Recommended Burger: Teriyaki Burger